Fareast Steel Balls Trading Ltd. (Fareastco for short) was established in May 2015 with location at Ningguo City,Anhui Province, East China, it takes only 3 hours by car to reach the biggest seaport in the world - Shanghai.

Fareastco is a specialized trader and professional provider of the following products and services:

--- Steel Balls and related Services (pro- and after-sales),

-- Castings and related Services (pro- and after-sales),

-- Equipments applied in cement plants, mines, steel mills and coal firing generation plants, and related Services(pro- and after-sales)

Based on the following advantages as compared to common manufacturers, Fareastco is more professional, effective and approachable to customers/users:

-- an experienced and professional team working in the field for more than 15 years, good at related technology and international commerce, learned the culture, customs, current situation and commercial pratices in the target market,

-- long-term and stable partnership with top specialized manufacturers in China,which enables us to provide quality products and services, releasing our customers/users off any possible quality problems occurred in industrial application,

-- one-stop services available besides products supplied, that's to say, customers/users only need to click on the mouse to send us the enquiries, a full set of professional solution proposal with the most favourable price would be available in any time, all concerns and worries would be released off completely,

-- delayed delivery would never happen。 Fareastco location - Ningguo city, is the production base of wear resistant materials (grinding media and castings) in China with annual turnover over 700,000 MT in 2012, we can choose freely a qualified manufacturer to meet customers/users detailed requirements or demands in all respects including in-time delivery.

Choosing Fareastco means choosing the long-term partner and honest friend, and you will understand that WORK IS SIMPLY AN