FENGXING high chromium alloy cast balls are widely used in cement, building materials


Phoenix shape brand high chromium alloy cast balls are widely used in cement, building materials, metal mining, coal slurry thermal power, chemical engineering, ceramic coating, light industry, papermaking, ultrafine powder preparation of magnetic materials and other industries and further processing.Products high hardness, low wear, good toughness and less broken, in the process of using sphere will further improve the surface hardness, wear resistance, and can improve the grinding machine production capacity, improve cement specific surface area and concentrate recovery rate.Now has seven series over one hundred varieties of specifications, the best-selling domestic 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions more than 2000 enterprises, and exported to Japan, South Korea, the United States, Australia, southeast Asia and Africa.

Phoenix brand wear-resistant steel ball, high chrome ball abrasion resistance is common low chromium and forging steel ball 2 times more.Because of this mine is special high chrome ball wear low, wear-resisting performance is good single storehouse high grinding efficiency, grinding machine grading stability of the steel ball is not easy to change, not only to a certain extent, increased the mineral powder fineness, improve the production, but also guarantee the mineral powder quality.Extend the cycle of adding the ball at the same time, greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers, especially greatly reduce the number of adding ball.


Phoenix form the large Angle steel, steel and other raw materials for use wear-resisting strictly controlled raw materials strict testing



According to different product requirements and characteristics of scientific ratio of chromium, manganese, vanadium, titanium, rare earth metal, etc


Iron mould coated sand technology combined with automatic constant temperature pouring production line Mechanization operating product performance is stable Put an end to the casting internal sand inclusion, porosity of a production line with independent intellectual property rights  



With the sand mould castings separation of old sand recycling use of energy conservation and emissions reduction


Phoenix shape wear with double row push-rod continuous quenching line quenching and tempering can change the casting internal organization structure Improve the hardness, toughness, wear resistance


Casting sampling test, metallographic analysis, hardness testing, magnetic powder flaw detection, ultrasonic photoelectric line analysis, whipped the wear test


Detection qualified wear-resisting cast into the Treasury assembly factory


Phoenix shape wear resistance has a strong professional technical team, rich experience in casting, advanced casting process and casting production line, perfect product testing and product after-sales service, strive to wear resistant casting products percent of pass is up to 100%, casting user brand is chicken shape of the heart of the people will never pursue.