Scientific management, cultivate the unique FENGXING shape corporate culture


Scientific management, cultivate the unique chicken shape corporate culture

Phoenix form the company established the "take the market as the guide, relying on science and technology, with strong incentives for leverage, scientific management means to get higher efficiency, high benefit for high speed development" the virtue of policy.

Phoenix shape people always think: the market is, the first thing to enliven the economy.The more products in short supply, more to develop the market, so you can choose to market;The more in short supply, more should pay attention to product quality, so as to stabilize the market.

Phoenix company pay attention to increase investment in science and technology, strengthen the research and development of new products and the introduction of senior technical talent, scored 50 in wear-resistant materials industry take the lead in the national patent.

In scientific management, phoenix company television monitoring center established a considerable scale, to each production workshop of dynamic management, and sales, finance, production, administration to implement computer management, thus accurate and rapid storage, reflect, the analysis enterprise in the economic operation of all kinds of situation, provides the reliable basis for business decisions.

Motive force of the enterprise culture is the enterprise survival and development, chicken form people always served in wear-resistant materials research and development work, rely on scientific and technological progress become bigger and stronger enterprise, increasing the product wear-resisting performance, reducing the grinding body abrasion, increase output and grinding machine availability, continuously reduce cost and increase benefit for the user.

Phoenix company to enhance the cohesion of the enterprise, appeal and centripetal force, set up phoenix form newspaper, set up stations, publicity window, phoenix hotel and multi-function hall.And in accordance with the "high starting point planning, high standard design, high quality construction" principle, set up first-class facilities of phoenix village living community.Rich chicken shape characteristic corporate culture and the heart of the project, promote enterprise vitality and vigorous coruscate gives, create one after another.

Looking to the future, chicken form people will continue to increase the market development, science and technology development, constantly develop new wear-resisting material products, to the economies of scale and scientific and technological progress and scientific management to benefit, to the international market to benefit.Strive to be the scale and quality within five to ten years, a world!The development of wear resistant material for China and the world make new contributions!Strutting towards a more brilliant future, to create chicken form company a better tomorrow!