Effects of wear resistant steel ball on the output of ball mill


Wear resistant steel ball is the main material for ball mill, and it is very important to improve the output of ball mill. The quality of steel ball, reasonable proportion of steel balls and different industrial and mining conditions, will have different effects on the output of the ball mill. For wear resistant steel ball manufacturer, the main index of these influences the mill output should be well aware, in order to understand baizhanbudai, truly for the sake of customers.
The application of wear resistant steel ball is beneficiation mill equipment core work conditions, the proportion of ore dressing mill steel ball, size, material, the hardness and the understanding of more and more deeply, but also contribute to the optimization of the work, improve the efficiency. Because the steel ball is the main grinding medium of the ball mill equipment, the proportion and size of the steel ball is big, and the impact is also big.
Ball has good abrasion resistance, high hardness grinding stripping force is strong, the hardness, the compact structure of the hard grinding ore Duojiabi major, large size of the ball. However, in order to effectively grind the fine ore, increase the number of times within the ball, then the requirements of more small ball.
Ball is a ball mill equipment grinding material medium, through the ball mill ball between the ball and the material of the collision between the friction and produce the grinding, the important basic parts. According to the different ball casting technology, will choose different materials, at home and abroad advanced technology can add chromium, manganese, silicon, magnesium and rare earth, aluminum, copper, vanadium, titanium, and so a variety of rare metal alloy elements, with the intermediate frequency electric furnace well refined.
At the same time, the steel ball of density, hardness, chemical composition and toughness is the main technical indexes of the steel ball, in accordance with the standard requirements, forged steel ball, steel ball proportion of 7.8, the proportion of spherical cast steel, cast iron ball to 7.5, such as trachoma more can be reduced to below 7.1. Under the traditional conditions, cast iron ball, although with high C, but the hardness is not up to the requirements, trachoma hollow more, small proportion of broken phenomenon is more serious. Open source produces wear-resistant high chromium alloy cast ball, the use of advanced automatic production line to produce, after quenching and tempering of high chromium alloy cast ball hardness up to a maximum of 58-65HRC and hardness of the ball surface and the center of the difference between the 1.5~2HRC, high hardness, wear resistance and stability.
If the quality of the steel ball is not stable, table core hardness difference is large and irregular appearance, it will cause the grinding ability decreased, tons of ore ball consumption rise, wear resistant steel ball factory use grinding ore costs will be greatly increased, and now the big cement factory, mines vied in the pursuit of energy-saving consumption deviation. Ningguo Kaiyuan wear, the company's main push high chromium wear-resistant performance is good, the product is broken lost round rate is extremely low, greatly reduce the ball addition amount, improve the recovery rate of powder, the price advantage is significant.