Fareastball Chain introduced


Chain introduced

1 chain and use 

Chain is composed of several components (or component) to form the hinge Vice concatenate pieces of flexible, non-conjugated meshing transmission, both gear and belt transmission characteristics is an important basis for mechanical transmission parts. 

Accurate than the chain of transmission, transmission power, high efficiency, long life, adaptable, easy maintenance, suitable for large center distance, fixed ratio, multi-axis drive, a bad environment of open transmission, the impact of vibration transmission, large load transmission and lubrication of low speed transmission good start condition. 

Since the 19th century since the invention of roller chain, with the further development of the modern industrial revolution, the continuous generation of new materials and modern design methods of continuous improvement, in general, based on the roller chain structure derived from a variety of different forms for different purposes, different materials and different properties of the chain, the formation of maturing to form a complete chain of product structure. 

Chain of many varieties, wide range of applications in engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, mining and metallurgy, cement, transport, wood processing, forklift upgrade, drink beer, cold, household chemicals, film stretching, palm oil, sugar, etc. and home appliances, automobiles and other production line, playing a transmission and distribution performance. 

2 chain classification 

By purpose and function of the chain is divided into transmission chains, conveyor chains, special chains traction chain and four specific categories. 

Transmission chain: mainly used in power transmission chain. 

Conveyor chain: the chain is mainly used for conveying materials. 

Traction chain: mainly used for draw-off and lifting chain. 

Dedicated special chain: mainly used for special mechanical devices, with special features and structure of the chain. 

3. Chain structure 

Usually large pitch conveyor chain and general and special special roller chain structure, there are some differences, such as band edge with a shoulder pin and the roller (F-type roller), etc., and less use of rivet pin. This chain is also known as engineering chain. 

A typical chain structure as shown below:

Outside the chain 

Outside the chain from the pin and the outer chain link plates made of interference fit. Outside the chain within the chain with the formation of hinges between the deputy. 

Within the chain 

Within the chain by the sleeve and the interference fit within the chain link plate is made on each sleeve of the cylindrical roller with an activity. Within the chain and outside chain to form hinges between the deputy. 

Connection chain 

Connecting chain, the pin and chain plate is a clearance fit, ease of assembly. This connection chain of fatigue strength 20% lower than the chain itself. 

Interference fit can also choose the connection chain, this chain of fatigue strength with the same chain itself. It's the pin and the connection chain plate is interference fit. 

4. Function of the chain parts 

Chain plate 

Chain plate chain is under tension components, to withstand repeated loads, sometimes accompanied by shock. Therefore, the chain must have a strong board is not only the static tensile strength, but also have the ability to withstand load and impact. In addition, the chain plate resistant to environmental requirements must be met (such as corrosion, wear, etc.). 


Passed by the chain plate pin shear and bending forces, while meshing with the sprocket during the pin and sleeve together constitute the carrying part. Therefore, the pin requires a high tensile strength, shear strength, bending properties, and resistant to impact and wear-resistant properties. 


Sleeve from the chain by the board and roller shear stress and bending stress, and the chain and sprocket meshing, the sleeve will also be affected load. 

In addition, the chain tension, the inner surface of the bearing and pin together constitute part of. Rotating roller on the rail or sprocket gear, the outer surface will also work with roller bearing parts together to form the inner surface. Therefore, it must have a high ratio of compressive strength, shear strength and impact resistance and wear resistance. 


Chain and sprocket meshing, the roller will be hitting the sprocket teeth shock loading. After mating, roller and sprocket teeth contact point and force are changed, this time in the sprockets and rollers between the sleeve by the pressure and move the tooth surface. 

In addition, the roller rotates on the rail, roller with the inner surface of the sleeve together to form the outer surface of the bearing part. Therefore, it must have resistance to abrasion, impact resistance, fatigue resistance and high-pressure ratio factor. 

Cotter pin, elastic locking pieces, only latch 

These are to prevent the chain from the pin on the board after the relocation occurred off the axial movement of parts. Chain at runtime, the parts and equipment on the other parts may collide and fall off, so these parts of the installation direction and bending angle is very important. 

5. Chain of transmission characteristics 

Generally believed that the chain because of its low speed, carrying a large transmission and distribution equipment components in the economy, but in reality, many chains are also used in high-speed conditions, such as automotive engine camshaft drive mechanism of the chain. 

1 it is easy to adapt up to 7:1 deceleration / acceleration. 

2 chain can adapt to long axis of the center distance, and more common. 

3 easy multi-axis drive chain or side chain of transmission. 

4 chain of standardization, to make the selection easier. 

5 easy to cut and connect the chain. 

6 drive the same torque, chain sprocket diameter than the pulley system of small diameter. 

7 sprocket wear are less than the gear because the load distribution to the sprocket to sprocket teeth on many. 

8. Elongation or wear through abrasion caused by vibration increases stretch to understand the chain of life is due, easy to observe and learn. 

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